Kalyana Lakshmi Online Application Procedure

Kalyana Lakshmi Online Application Procedure


Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam is a Telangana Government scheme to provide financial assistance to SC ST unmarried girls at the time of marriage. For Applying Kalyana Lakshmi pathakam Online application should me made through www.telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in. Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme application procedure is described below.

Kalyana Lakshmi Online Application Procedure

Before applying Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme candidate must check for their eligibility for Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme . Only eligible candidates can get financial assistance of rupees  51000 ( Fifty One Thousand Rupees) . Candidates must have required certificates before they apply for the scheme.

Certificates Needed For Kalyana Lakshmi Application

  1.  Girl Date of Birth Certificate which is issued by competent authority .
  2. Girl caste certificate which is issued by competent authority .
  3. Income certificate . Certificate should be latest. Its should be drawn before 6 months before marriage .
  4. Aadhaar card of unmarried girl .
  5. Bank account .
  6. Wedding Card (optional)

Application procedure

After verifying all required documents are available start the application procedure .  Application procedure mentioned step wise . Please follow

Step 1 .

Go to official website of Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme . http://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/KalyanLakshmi.do

Step 2 .

You will find an application form at http://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/KalyanLakshmi.do . Start filling application form . IF unmarried girl have SSC (10th Class) certificate please select SSC details available option as YES .

If you select YES for SSC  you will find the field for SSC Year , SSC Type , SSC Hall Ticket Number  . Enter them and continue for next field  Name of Bride . Enter the name of the unmarried girl  Enter Name of the father of that unmarried girl and Date birth of girl and Aadhaar card number of that girl .

Enter education qualification details and enter phone number , cast and sub cast . Then move to Income and caste certificate details . Enter Meeseva income certificate number details will be fetched automatically . Same with caste certificate if you enter number of Meeseva certificate details will be fetched automatically .

Move to address section. Enter permanent address of Unmarried girl , select district , mandal and village .Next if bank account information of girl. Enter bank account number and selct Bank name , District and enter IFSC code .

Now its time time to enter Boy details . Enter Unmaaried boy details sunch as  Nmae, SSC details , Permanant address , Educational qualification , religion , caste , sub caste and Aahdaar number .

Enter marriage details such as Marriage date , Place of marriage i.e Kalyana Mandapam or Temple or in any institutionsuch as Arya Samaj .Enter the address of the place where marriage took place .

Certificate to Be Uploaded

We need to upload some certificates in application form . All the required certificates are to be scanned with a size not below 50KB and not above 150 KB . Scanned documents should be in JPEG/JPG format only . Documnets ar as follow

  1. Marriage confirmation certificate
  2. VRO/Panchayath Secretary Approval Certificate
  3. Bride’s Photo
  4. Age proof certificate
  5. Bride’s Scanned Aadhar Copy
  6. Bride Groom’s Scanned Aadhar Copy
  7. Scanned Bank pass book

Upload all the documents above listed and get successful application form . For checking the status of your application in future keep this application safely ..Hope this guide will help you .If you have any doubt drop a comment  below .




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  1. kindly suggest in my query as I has successfuly completed the process.
    what will be the next step get Know the status of application.

    MY Marriage ID NO:2015KL16063507

  2. memu SC nethakani hindhuvulamu kani ma akkaku krishtiyan pelli chesamu kalyana Laxmi kosam dharakasthu chesthe kristiyan variki ravalante BC certificate thisukovali antunnaru nanu m cheyali theliyacheyandi plz na no 9000707998

  3. Sir memu chala poor Kani ma sister ki job unna abbaitho marriage Chesham… Maku kalyana laxmi pathakam eligibility unda

    • My sister application details wrong enter in SSC hall ticket number so change the bride display name and father name and aadhar number , how to edit this problem plz tell me sir

  4. My sister application details wrong enter in SSC hall ticket number so change the bride display name and father name and aadhar number , how to edit this problem plz tell me sir

  5. Asking First marriage certificate of bridegroom

    I have first marriage certificate ie gazztted officer. But they won’t accept it.

    From where I get it.

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